Co-extruded WPC

next generation WPC product that is just starting to emerge.

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Co-extruded WPC

“HARDDECK” Two-layer co-extrusion wood-plastic composite decking boards are our newest product, started production less than a year ago. This second generation product has many advantages over the first generation decking boards. As the name suggests, the board has several layers. The inner layer is manufactured from a more mechanically resistant compound, which provides greater resistance to breakage and less damage from sharp impacts 35% HDPE and 55% wood powder 10% in a specially developed formula are used various inorganic mineral fillers, stabilizers, color pigments and binders. . The profile is more massive it is stronger. The outer layer, on the other hand, is optimized for wear resistance. For two-layer boards, the warranty conditions also include wear resistance, including when they are used in commercial facilities and public places. However, you should not assume that Double-layer boards are suitable only for public environments, their visual appearance makes them very pleasant to use also on terraces and balconies of private houses.
Visually, double-layer boards are more like real wood, with a texture typical of wood, and the top layer contains several pigments, thus accentuating the pattern of natural wood. At the same time, these boards have the same excellent anti-slip properties as other products In addition, these boards require even less maintenance than the first generation boards


HARDDECK Marble Brown

  • Quick & Easy to Install


  • Safe – no nail and splinter free


  • Clean fixing free surface Finish



  • Long lasting

HARDDECK Marble Grey

  •  Better color accuracy


  • Less impacted by weather

HARDDECK Marble Light

  • More resistant to UV rays

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WPC system for terrace boards

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